Essay: Should the Voting Age in America be Lowered?

I think that we should leave the voting age at 18.

I do not think we should lower the voting age for a few reasons. The first reason is because many younger kids do not have enough of an understanding of politics. We are not taught much of government and politics until the upper grades of high school, and the majority of kids do not watch the news and political debates on TV. Very few middle-schoolers actually know which party Mike Huckabee is on, and whether he stands more conservative or liberal! Many kids would not vote following their political stance, but rather after a candidate of their own gender or who their parents also vote. Also, politicians could easily bribe the majority of American kids into voting for them. This would allow unfair advantages for the candidates and an inaccurate vote.

I think that the voting age should stay at 18 because this is the age that, for many Americans, life begins. Eighteen year olds have legal rights to move out of the house, start college and obtain jobs. At this age, people have gone through high school and studied politics. Teenagers start worrying about themselves and their well being, and start paying closer attention to what goes on around them. They start listening to the news and learning about who is leading their nation. This is crucial in voting, as you need to know that you are picking the candidate that best suits what you want for America.

But what about those Americans that do not vote at all, for various reasons? Should they be able to vote, or should their voting age be raised? Some, even after high school, do not know about presidential campaigns and branches of government.  Some of the girls on the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek do not even know what a president is.  More people vote on American Idol than in the presidential campaigns, and this is precisely why. Some Americans just follow the media and some just don’t find the time. I don’t think that an individual should be singled out because of their mental capacity and have their voting age raised, whereas their neighbors can vote at 18. America is supposed to give equal opportunity to all, not to take it away. Most of them will wind up not voting anyway.

So there is my opinion. Leave the voting age at 18, don’t lower it. Too many kids do not have the understanding to vote in political campaigns, and voting is something to look forward to when you reach 18. I don’t think that the voting age should be raised for individuals who are not intelligent enough to understand all the politics and debates that go into campaigns, because most wind up voting for America’s Next Top Model and not for America’s next leader. Just keep everything the way it is…simple! (Well, moderately!)

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